The Fine Line of Art

This will be my gallery for Art History demonstrating different use of line and possible stroke techniques in multiple different pieces of art.

This work is very minimal in the amount of line work in it but I still think it shows a good use of some soft lines to create the deer and lettering around it.
This picture is a very soft in nature but there are still some defined lines used. These lines can be seen in the building in the background and even the rocks in the foreground.
I chose this piece because it has some straight lines used to make a very familiar scene of a historic sight. The lines are bold and defined and very visible to be seen to create this scene.
While this does not have very defined lines, lines are still visible. They are seen in the ship and the sky. While this picture is very soft and blurred there is still some fine placement of lines.
This piece has a great mount of lines all together to create a graveyard scene of skeletons. The line work is very fine and detailed in this piece which is why I chose it.
This piece has some very faint line work to create the very eerie feeling of the ships out at sea. It is very soft and blurred but the lines are still distinguishable.
I chose this because it shows some very good and detailed lines. Being a watercolor painting, lines are generally very soft but in this they are defined and visible.
I chose this because it is literally just a floor plan of a building. It is nothing but lines to show the design of a house or building.
This piece has a variety of straight and curved lines both bold and soft to create the scene of the dead tree and wired fences. The boldness of some lines gives this picture a much harsher feel.
This piece shows some very strong lines used to create a scene of trees and some that are not so strong. The lines are mostly curved in this piece but are still lines.
I chose this piece because while very minimalistic the main focus of this piece is the single line in the middle.
This piece shows a lot of lines. The work is composed of mainly broad lines to create the scene and even has some lines in the back to make a background scene. The lines in this were placed first.
This is another piece from Asia. It is done as a vertical piece and shows some fine line work as well. This one has some more line placement that is close together but showcases fine lines.
This piece shows some very fine line work. It is a piece from Asia and it shows a landscape done in ink showing some very fine lines to create the scene.
This piece shows a very fine display of lines. The lines in this piece are very broad and defined which is why I chose to put it in this one.