The magic of color contrast

When two color opposites make for a great composition.

Magnificent use of Red blue and yellow to create a warm indoor scene.
Warm colors and cold colors combined in one image that demonstrates a clash between the two. Sets the scene to a red versus blue scenario.
Green and red, gold and blue. Excellent use of color opposites to create a piece that proves to be pleasant for the eye.
Demonstrates an understanding of how lighting works and sets the mood for a sunset scenario.
A rather interesting piece with a lot to see. You could see in the left side there are warm colors, bullets and religious symbols which may represent conflict, while in the opposite side you have cold colors, vegetation and a space-like background that could represent peace.
It is certain that the color black contrasts to most colors, if not all. But the use of yellow and black in this robe combined with Asian art makes it visually pleasant to admire.
Interesting color choices to paint a room. But the contrast from the room's colors and the background outside the windows make it look all the more appealing.
Contrasts from yellow to blue, then complements to brown. Correct use of colors make for some great eye-candy.
Not part of the Assignment: all 13 images of the "13 Attempts to Become a Rooster" are a series of surrealistic and maybe hilarious pictures depicting a man (Or thing) attempting to obtain the body of a Rooster. Results range from LOL to Dark, such as this one.
Van Gogh, known for his line-work and use of color, demonstrates a nice blend of color contrasts here by giving himself warm colors in his body, but then adding a dark background which suddenly changes the mood to a mysterious or sad one.
A rather strange piece depicting angels with a melancholic blue and then contrasting to warm colors with the little girl. Makes them look evil, or are they? Beats me. Nice piece though.
Great use of lighting in this piece. The sunset mood contrasting from that sunny gold to night blue makes for interesting sights.
Not part of the Assignment: I liked how one could completely change one's perspective on something people know as a great monument to something dark or sad. Very interesting piece.
Color contrasts from the crowd to the fire and good placement make for a good composition.
Smart use of colors with the clothing contrasting from the walls. That gold to red which gives a warm and medieval style to the piece
Green to red, gold to blue. This piece was all planned out. Color contrasts all around it make for a great composition.
Yellow opposites to purple. Interesting lighting to this piece plus the shapes found in the rocks can classify this as a surrealistic painting.
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