ideas for perspective 

Different ideas for perspective with buildings. 

I chose this peace because I was able to see all the details involved with the perspective.
Many points of perspective that brings many Ideas for that type of environment
Perpective with depth of field, good to learn how to deal with this kind of art.
A really interesting peace that shows a panoramic view of the city
Many points of perspective, I can have many ideas with that type of environment
A old environment with a great and detailed perspective.
Good and detail photo with many atual buildings for ideas with perspective.
City with a depth perspective, I thought that this is a great photo for ideas and learn of perspective.
Same picture that was before, but if a closer view and with colors
A street with a higher view. Ideas for points of perspective.
Building that is really detailed in a great and perfect perspective.
Two pints of perspective. great to learn how to use on front perspective
AMAZING background with a good perspective for ideas.
I was impressed when I first saw it because the depth of field is perfect with the perspective. Great peace for Ideas.
Old peace with a old environment, but with a perfect perspective.
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