the october revolution

Jake and Emma

Nicholas II was an unpopular Tsar who left his country on it's own for the frontline with no military experience. Left Rasputin & Alexandra in charge who many didn't trust. This led to his downfall.
After the revolution a provisional government took charge with dual authority between the Petrograd Soviet. Kerensky was the connection between the two. PG had little power and PS controlled the army.
When Lenin returned he outlined his plans for Bolsheviks in the April Thesis. Many of his party were against it but the people liked it. Phrases from it were Peace, Bread, Land! & Power to the Soviets
Instructed by Kerensky, the army took on an offensive position in WW1 which caused a lot of problems including the July Days.
Lenin returned from exile to persuade his party to start a Bolshevik revolution. On 12th September sent a letter urging action. Some were skeptical but he persuaded them.
Trotsky was the brains of the revolution and he set up the MRC and persuaded Lenin to wait until October. Also organised most of the revolution. On the 24 - 5 of October revolution took place.
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