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Hannah Robinson SBU This is my gallery of sculptures. The sculptures include Goscombe John's "A Boy at Play", "Shiva as Lord of the Dance", "Sea Captain Figure", "King Vulture", and Demartini's "Out of Bounds".

When I first saw the thumbnail of this sculpture by Goscombe John (1895), my first thought was that it was a sculpture of someone walking on some type of balance beam. After looking at a closeup of the picture and reading the description, I learned that this work of art is actually a sculpture of a young boy playing knuckles. The subject matter of this work of art is exercise. During Goscombe John's lifetime, exercise was viewed as an important preventive measure for contracting debilitating diseases. Therefore, he created this sculpture of a healthy young boy exercising so that he may remain healthy. I've never thought of exercise as a subject matter of art before. I found this to be very interesting.
I find this sculpture to be quite interesting. This is a sculpture of Shiva, a Hindu god. Throughout the history of man, religion has always been an important aspect of culture. This piece of art helps to define Indian (specifically Hindu) culture.
This Native American work of art was created in 1840. This sculpture represents the blending of cultures. As Europeans began exploring the west coast of Canada, they interacted with the Native Americans living there. This sculpture was created by a Native American artist to show what the captain of a European ship looked like during this time period.
This sculpture created in 1734 is of a vulture. I believe the vulture appears to be very majestic. It is perched on top of something, perhaps representing its location in the food chain. In order to make the vulture stand out, it is the only colored part of this sculpture.
I find the title of this sculpture to be almost comical. When you first look at this sculpture, it almost looks like the sculpture actually fell apart and is simply lying on the ground. This, however, is how the sculpture was intended to look. This sculpture make me think of death. Just as a tree falls when it rots and dies, this sculpture has "fallen down", representing death.
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