Exploring Banksy's USE OF VARIETY THROUGH Street ART                         

Street art is world all in it self. This gallery is a look into this world with the artist Banksy as our guide.  Lets take a look at these pieces and the variety of art elements in them.

This is a excellent example of Value. The light portions of this piece are on the top while the bottom of different areas are shaded. This gives the effect of natural light and natural shade or shadows. The emphasis of this piece isn't the two children but the object that they are playing with. The site line of the two children and their arms lead your eyes to the floating object.
Color is the first element of this piece. The three figures that resemble police hiding behind shields are cladded in black with hits of white for their faces and other emphasis marks. While the subject is a warm tan holding a molotov cocktail which is lit with fire in red. Banksy also used texture as a key element. The medium is brick and he incorporated That texture into the floor of this piece. It gives that area representing the ground a more textured look.
Value is the prominent element in this piece. The tops of the children heads and their faces are illuminated. Leaving the lower halves dark and with a shadow. This is a reoccurring theme in Banksy's work. The balance of this piece is asymmetrical with a strong emphasis on the left side of the piece.
Lines are the first element that stand out with this piece. All the lines bring your eyes to the center of this piece. Color is another key component of this work. The majority of this piece is in black and white with small color hits of blue and red.
Color is a major component to this piece. This piece is comprised of a eight words and two objects a rat and its paw print. The parts in color are the major emphasis points being the words and the paw print. Texture is also a element incorporated making use of the cracking wall.
Proportion is a key element in this piece. The aborigine holding the tray of fast food is closer to the viewer than the monkey wearing a sign or the little boy to the left. Color is also a large element in the piece. Red is the boldest color used for lettering and for emphasis on the little boys leg. The aborigine is colored in a nude tan color. The monkey is colored in black and the entire piece is on a white back drop.
Value and Contrast are highly used throughout this piece. Light areas are placed on the front of the subjects. While the sides of the subjects are shaded. This is the first piece that has been balanced and symmetrical. The lines of this piece all bring you back center from the rifle to the left or the position of the boys hands to the right.
This is highly balanced and symmetrical piece with the subject right upfront and centered. Texture is also a element utilized. The medium is brick and its emphasized at the bottom of the piece. Color is another reoccurring theme in Banksy pieces. Black and Whites dominate this piece the only hints of color are used for the skin tone of the maid which tan was used.
The use of Value is used in a reverse fashion. Whites are used to define the subject while blacks are used to emphasize and show detail. This piece is also very symmetrical and balanced, with the subject of attention being centered. The lines of this piece all guide your eyes to the center of the work.
This is the first piece that shows movement. The shadow girl holding balloons is moving upwards. Proportion is also a key to this piece. The bird handing her balloons is extremely larger that the little girl. Color is used again by the girl and her balloons being in black while everything else is in color.
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