Beyond the MYTH

The art pieces in this gallery will take a look into different types of art work that explore different types of mythology. Taking a closer look to various mythologies and understanding the meaning of them. 

The painting is that is that of a story told by Roman Poet Ovid God Jupiter disguises himself as a white bull in order to seduce princess Europa. He try's to get her away from her companions and take her to a distant land that would bear her name.
A man is seen falling forward into the abyss of fire. He is Lxion a man who tried to seduce Hera who is the wife of Zeus. As punishment for his actions he is punished by forever falling into a burning wheel of eternity.
Painter Peter Paul Rubens completed this work in 1638. In the piece is picture Andromeda chained to a rock. She chained there as punishment for her mother arrogance. Her mother boasted that both her and her daughter were both more beautiful than the Nereids. Perseus is trying to hurry to the aide of Andromeda to free her.
The painting created between 1610 and 1614 by reowned artist Doménikos Theotokòpoulos show the Greek and Roman mythology of the deaths of Laocoön. Laocoön is Trojan priest of Poseidon and his two sons Antiphantes and Thymbreaus. They were strangled by sea serpents which was punishment for Laocoön for trying to warn his men about the Trojan horse.
This is the work of Cranach which shows Apollo who is the god of sun and his sister Diana who is the goddess of the moon. There is a distinction of humanity in the painting characterized by Apollo standing with his bow while Dina is sitting with the deer and the presences of the forest that is in the background.
François Bouncher brought to life the myth of Venus as she sits among drapery as she is attended to by Putti and dove. Venus is the god of love and depicted in the picture is and elaborate sky with pastel colors of bules, pinks, peaches and brush strokes that resembles tapestry.
The painting is of a shepherd about to play his flute after approaching a female as she is resting under a tree. painting itself is made of up lines that are not sharp but blurry to the eye. It would be better to stand back at a distance to look at the painting than to stand close to it. The color tones are kept on the darker and more grey scale.
There were multiple painting of Madonna that was created by artist Sandro Botticelli. There is much detail that is put into he plants in the back ground of the piece. There is also much tension that is included in the work mainly in the eye placement of John the Baptist and the Christ child.
This paint is that of Lucas Cranach the Elder which is of a "wild man" which is found in medieval mythology. The male faun is picture sitting on a rock which gazing at the women who is assumes to be his wife and with her is a small children. The painting shows the wildness of mankind countered by the human likeness of the faun his calm wife a the tenderness of their children.
The painting created by Lucius Apuleius immortalised in "Metamorphoses" tells the story of Cupid and Psyche. It tells of the god of sexual attraction falling in love with Psyche and visiting her night so as to conceal his true identity. This is a metaphor for love with an erotic touch to it.
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