The Masters Trash Bin

I appreciate all drawing, especially studies & sketches, experiments, the informal, personal-private, and even the haphazard, duds, fails, DUIs, etc.  For more insight into an artist, their their how and why, where and when, or even 'who' they were, etc., take a close look at their drawings, such that they exist.  Consider any extensive portfolio of drawings to be the ultimate self portrait, a tell-all, a log, etc.  And, as such, you'll see their handy works weren't all home runs!  This is a selection, imho, of such 'less-than-perfect', "my-materials-went-awry!", 'special in their own way'... type efforts, or even pages that could well have been pinched from the trash(!) -an ongoing but incomplete collection just for fun, presented in no particular order (to include but still missing some major names). 

Parmigianino was a one-of-a-kind master, always amusing and somewhat goofy, mischievous, -probably fun to hang out with. He liked magic & alchemy and died young at 37. The liberties he took in his work are still astounding 500 years later.
Michelangelo… front side (recto)
Michelangelo… back side (verso) traced from front?? (or probably a transfer sheet to a wall)
(short priest)
Google art project seems a good platform to share complete sketchbooks -a page from a Cezanne book shown here, Turner...
Google Art Project contains only (4) (lesser) Picasso works as of Sept 2015
another complete sketchbook (Gauguin)
Another complete sketchbook example (Turner)
Gericault book
from Whistler sketchbook
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