A gallery for works of art that remind me in some way of the themes of Burning Post II, or provide inspiration on the various lives that unfold on Urth. Each work will be briefly annotated with what I imagine them to depict in context of Burning Post II.

A woman, fainted from fear while under revision by the Inquisitors of the Holy Order of King Dav.
The temptation of magic, and a noble Knight Lithmorran.
What is happening in this scene? A poor girl being taken away to be reviewed by the Inquisitors? Or is she already a prisoner, with her wrists bound and dressed in white, awaiting her sentence?
A grand Inquisitorial tribunal, in which a member of upper nobility is exocommunicated...? If that is even possible in the Holy Order, that is.
A grieving Charali woman was visited by a messenger of the Lord of the Springs. He presented her with two choices.
Vavardi rascals of the Brotherhood, tricking an unassuming player of cards in a tavern.
A hypothetical portrayal of King Dav ab Harmon, upon realizing the wrath of The Seven. (Yes, I think he's a terrific wimp!)
King Dav ab Harmon fled to the mountains in his grief and fear after The Seven burned his palace to the ground, killing his loved ones.
The Cult of Transcendent Ecstasy, in one of their sensuous celebrations, I presume.
A woman selling flowers on a street in Tubor.
A plague, brought down by a demon upon the city of New Yarsith. Only the strength and will of the Lord can spare them now.
A reception in a grand court of the Daravi Sultanate, far away from skirmishes with the Holy Davite Empire.
Portrait of a Daravi woman.
Daravi warriors (including a mage, top center, in white) retreating after a skirmish at the Farin border. I am turning a blind eye to the African (?) men who resemble Farinese in my imagination.
A duel of pride among two members of Daravi nobility. And a saboteur, bottom right. (AKA I just really liked this painting and wanted to include it in this gallery!)
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