Chelsea Raye<3

In this piece of artwork, I see a woman turning away from something. How she is presenting her hand shows me that something is behind her and she doesn't want to look at it anymore. This is Implied lines. Her fingers are facing up, but also pressed together so you can tell she is saying stop rather than waving.
In this piece I see Contour lines. not only do you see lines running everywhere, you see them curving and going behind each other. This figure looks three-dimensional because of the contour lines used.
In this drawing of the elephant, there isn't a perfectly straight outline of the animal. Even though the edges are jagged, the shape can still be determined by the outline.
I see radial balance in the piece of art work. Medusa's face is in the center of the shield, and the objects are going off of her face. The snakes and the blood from her neck radiate outward from her face. ( the center point)
This piece of art work is a perfect example of perceptual color. As you can see the top of the mountains look like they have a tint of blue to them. In reality the top of the mountains are green from the tree tops.
In the Seed of the Areoi, the artist used complementary color schemes. The Blue blanket the woman is sitting on is placed next to the orange ground that her feet are placed on. The fruit in the basket, the green fruit is placed next to the red one. The artist used great examples of complementary colors.
The Starry Night has Analogous Color schemes. The temperature of this piece is cold. The artist brought out the cold temperature with all of the varieties of blues and greens.
This piece has an expressive example of Arbitrary color. Instead of the lily pads being green, the artist made them multiple colors. No lily pad is rainbow colors besides green.
The angle that the body was painted, makes the body look shorter. if the picture was taken from eye level at the toes, the body would look longer. The artist used the foreshortening method.
On this canvas, the artist made an illusion to where it looks as if there were depth in the picture when really the canvas in flat.
The ground the piano sits on is Negative space. The piano itself is positive space.
This piece of art describes implied texture. The artist painted the canvas to make it look rough and grainy.
This represents actual texture. You can actually reach out and touch the statue.
The lions mane represents hatching. Also there are certain places closest the lions paws where there is cross-hatching.
This artwork is a perfect example of pattern. The pattern is of red, blue and yellow flowers
This represents symmetrical balance. Both sides are the same and match up evenly.
The piece is an example of scale. Elie made his piece scaled to a real life animal.
In the painting 'The Loving Cup', the artist had to proportion the cup to the woman's hand. The artist had to get as close as he could as if it were an actual woman holding a cup
The artist used the rhythm technique in this painting. He used all red for the flowers.
Here all of the apples are painted the same, this is an example of how the artist used variety in the painting.
This painting is representational. The work of art portrays natural objects in a recognizable form.
This resembles abstraction. The painting doesn't look like a real place and isn't at a natural state.
This is nonrepresentational because it doesn't represent anything in the real world.
The flowers in the painting are organic shapes. Flowers are natural and the artist painted them in their real natural form.
This painting is geometric shapes. The painting is full of squares and rectangles.
Chiaroscuro is used in this painting because of the light used.
This is a monochromatic piece of art. The only color schemes used was purple. They just added water to make the purple look pink.
This is asymmetrical. The sides aren't even and don't match up.
This painting has a lot of contrast. The bottom of the picture is darker and the light source is at the top.
In this picture, you will notice the waves are in the middle of motion. You know the wind is blowing the water because sail boats are out.
Emphasis is used in this piece so your eyes will directly go towards Jesus in the middle.
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