No freedom,no authority, seem like live in a dark small room,the string locked them,no choose,only constraint.They try to have hope, brave ,but they failed.

A women with black skin was crying,and that weren't stop,cause people do not accept them,and the insulting will not stop,it will stay with them in their whole life.
Food,just a dream,the thing they only can do,is dreaming,and try to have hope,cause they even do not have courage to think about it.
Silver iron chain,lock the people,seem like lock the heart. Free,it impossible,for them just working,starving,hitting,forever,the three things are waiting for them.
Hope,destroy on one second,that 's destiny,dark,blood,dirty around him,nobody can save him,just because he is not white.
Poor,everything are poor,no enough food,clothes.The whole family even do not have hob to sustain their life,there is only thing is waiting for them--die.
A person from different people just step on a dress of women,the consequence is cruel,even not fair,just because they were different people,between white people,no respectful,for them,only argue,and bad.
Thirsty conflict with mind,expectation,the hope is began destroy,and disappear,they only can imagine,they were poor,no authority,even cannot have the most important thing in humanlike--water.Cause white people need it,they have authority,then can use it,after that ,there weren't.
A kid try to take the luggage,but the adult just do something easier than him.Athrough ridiculous,but he do not have choose.The world is cruel,if you are poor,do not have authority,do not have free,you have to do that.
hope,the only thing they can do.The half -open window indicated the hope is remote.The sun is shinning,sight follow outside,expectation.
The string lock the body,seem like the whole life,destiny is control by the world,no hope,no brave,the string around people mind,dark,forever.
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