Value GaLLeRY

This Gallery were made to show high contrast, low contrast, value distribution,(balanced), value distribution (unbalanced), volumetric value, attached shadows, cast shadow, atmospheric perspective, and Chiaroscuro. 

This image shows high contrast because it lets you see all of the shades of the value scale. Something else why it can be High contrast is because it has the dark and light abstraction.
THis piece of art shows low contrast. WHat makes it low contrast is because it basically shows more light than dark.
THis image is not black and white but it does shows the scale because it goes from dark and fades unto lighter surfaces.
Value Distribution(Balance) is shown in this piece of art because it shows everything equally,it doesn't have more dark than light, and it doesn't have more light than dark so in other words its equal
Value Distribution (Unbalanced) is represented in this art is because it has way more dark than white so its unequal, in other words unbalanced.
This shows Volumetric Value because you can see all of the scale inside of this one picture. It not only shows white but it shows both.
Attached Shadows is represented in this art because no only do the picture show value but it also shows the actual shadow of the painting.
Cast Shadow is shown in this because you can't really recognize the shadow unless you look at it real closely.
Atmospheric Perspective is in this because it gives that dull look and the dark is close while the light is in the back, and you can clearly see this in the image.
Chiaroscuro is in this image because the front is light while the back is dark. What I am trying to say is, you clearly see the face of the man but you have to really focus in the background because its not clear enough for you to see.
Credits: All media
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