How Women Love - Denzel Harrington

This is a gallery that connects women and love; both are incredibly beautiful and should never be taken for granted. This shows the ups and downs of love a woman can give.

Hope Nourishes Love is the sculpture of a woman named Hope breast feeding Cupid. To further the belief and idea that it is cupid depicted, the artist went as far as carving out his quiver that holds his arrows. The refined texture of the sculpture give the proportions an almost life-like human feel and portrays what some would say is the ultimate form of love; that which lays between a mother and her child.
This painting shows a woman that is clearly distrought. She seems as if she is upset by the man in the painting as he seems to be ashamed of something that has been said or done. The man is a green color which could be indicative of him being sick with a choice that was made that led to her despair. The colors within this painting are all around vibrant yet the contrast between colorful and dark give an ominous feeling of anger and other negative emotions.
This painting shows a woman that has been tricked into falling in love with someone she is not meant to. Although it is a depiction of a Shakespearean play where a jealous husband bewitches his wife into loving someone only to bring her shame, it can also be seen as a woman loving someone she shouldn't because of the actions of the man that has not satisfied her. Although she loves someone else, she would be shamed to be caught with that person as is seen through the two woman spying on her in the back.
As described, these women wait for the boats full of caught fish to arrive so they may take them to sell them at the market. The women holding children my give hints that being a mother never stopped someone from being a provider. The will to ensure a proper life for their family drove women to cary more than just a child that may be fussy but also pounds upon pounds of fish which could be tribute to how far a mothers love may go.
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