Renaissance Perspective

Grenada-Windward Islands, in the E West Indies.Ink Wash-wash in which both pen and ink are used to draw.Cathedral- important churches.Chapel-a private place of prayer or worship.Learnt-to learn.
Exemplifies-to show or illustrate by example. Antiquity-the quality of being ancient. Octagonal- having eight angles and eight sides. Liberality- generosity. Provenance- place of source or origin.
Humanism-thought or action in which human interests. Quattrocento- 15th century. Versatility- capable of. Poplar- any of the rapidly growing, salicaceous trees. Intarsia-a surface with inlaid pattern
Pulpit- raised structure in a church. Facade- the front of a building. Siena- A city in Tuscany. Crucifix- A cross shape. Friar- a member of a religious order.
Derived- to obtain from a source. Acquisition- the act of acquiring or gaining. Inscriptions- something inscribed. Elaborate- great care or nice detail. Bourgeois- a member of the middle class.
Oeuvre- the works of a painter. Clientele- the clients of customers. Espoused- to make one's own.Testaments- A covenant between god and humans. Behest- a command or directive.
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