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"Every age projects it's own image into it's art."                               The Rococo Art Period (1700-1780) had many prominent characteristics. The use of pastel colors was very common during the Rococo Period. As was the use of lights and darks. Rococo art often depicted the nobility and wealthy, it very rarely showed any sort of peasant life. Rococo art is very detailed, elaborate, and airy.

The Triumph of Venus is a very good example Rococo art. There are pastel colors used on the people and the water and the ribbon in the air. The painting also uses a light and dark scheme. For example there is a dark shadowing to the right of the painting. It also depicts important people (gods and goddesses), which was common during the Rococo period.
This painting by Francois Boucher, shows two cherubs and some expensive items. During the Rococo period, many people would paint or sculpt the wealthy, gods, and in this case cherubs. The use of pastels is also used in this painting, as well as dark and light shading.
"Madame Bergeret" is another good example of Rococo art. The painting shows Madame Bergeret, who was the wife of a wealthy financer. The flowers, dress, and furniture all have a pastel color to them. Also, the background and the trees, all seem to be shaded darker, but the woman and her dress are all very bright.
This painting by William Hogarth, depicts David Garrick and his wife Eva-Maria. Garrick was a very famous actor for his time, therefore he was quite wealthy. The man and woman are very light in color, and the background is darker. The man and women also have clothes that are pastel colors.
In "A Fishing Party", there is a wealthy man and women fishing on a dock. The people in the painting all have very fancy and elaborate clothes on. The clothes are all very light and bright colors, but the tress and dock are shaded darkly. The women's dresses and the man's coat are pastel and airy.
In this portrait, there are a few Rococo art characteristics. One would be that it is a portrait of a wealthy family, everybody is dressed properly and elaborately. Another would be shading with lights and darks. The women's dresses and men's coats are very light, but the background is quite dark. there is also the use of pastel colors n the women's dresses and men's clothing.
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