Renaissance Perspective 

Granada-medival kingdom along the mediterranean coast of south spain Naples-city of southern central italy Ink Wash- brush painting that uses black ink Royal Chapel- body of priest Burgos-City in northern spain
Exemplifies- be a typically example of Antiquity- period before the middle ages Commemoration-remembrance Citizenry-whole body of citizens Octagonal-having 8 angles and 8 sides
Formulated- strategy of proposal Urbino- walled city in the Marche region of italy Concurrent-excisting, happening or done Comparably- in a similar way Depictions-action of depicting something
Pulpit- a raised platform Vecchietta- itlaian school pianter Frair- member of any certain religious orders of men Facade-face of a building Crucifix-a representation of a cross with jesus on it
Elaborate-involving many arranged parts or details Derived- contain something from Van Delen-Dutch golden age painter Dulwich- area of south london, england Work Nationality- where the work originated from
Miniature- smaller than average Spore-reproductive unit Jeju-island in south korea Introspection- examination of ones mental and emotional processes Manipulated- handle or control
Credits: All media
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