NiKo's final art gallery

this gallery is for art class

I chose this piece because I really am interested in geology and all kinds of rocks. I am wondering where it comes from. I think that this piece is ethier natural glass or it is flint in my opinion.
I am really interested in climbing mount everest when i'm older and searched it just for fun to see what would come up and I found this. this painting is cool but am wondering about where he actually painted this.
I saw this painting on the featured list and just found it interesting. When I zoom in on the tiles I see that they are cracked and don't look like they are in very good condition and I wonder why.I like this a lot because of its color.
I have lived in Asia and have wondered how people carve with such accuracy so this was a good chose for me because It is Asian and its made out of stone.I wonder who made it. I like it because it's Weird.
I am a soccer fan and have played in thiland on a beach like this.I wonder who the jumping dude is? Where is he from? where does he live? This picture sparks lots of quesions.
I love cool stuff like this and i often find myself wondering about the person who made this. I wonder why they thought of this. I like all of the different colors esspecialy.
Im really intested in stamps and I collect them.I wonder where these were printed.I wonder also why it says idochaos when its is a singaporian stamp.I like the archery one!
I have lived in Singapore for 10 years and am going back.I chose this one because I have seen these guys and can connect because I have lived there. I wonder where this picture was taken and how the photographer got all of these guys together.
I love rocks and one day hope to find gold. I wonder what time this painting was supposed to portray.I love this painting and will hopefully one day be doing the same thing as these guys in the picture.
I love crowns because of the rocks in them.I think that this is the coolest one on GAG or GCI. I wonder what rudolf II was like and which countrys has he been to.I wish I could take the rocks and jewls out of it.
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