Art Attack - (Brendan Terrazas)

This collection of art involves different scenes from wars from the 1800's to the 2000's. I chose war scenes to go a long with my name I chose because it will contain a piece of art that shows an event of a war or maybe a artists tried painting based on what he seen in the war at the time that stuck to him. I tried to choose images with a lot of different colors and movement with texture mixed with war events.

Many things are happening, there are people in the background getting ready with the cannon. There is a man on the left getting a massage and a guy in the middle sharpening his sword as well. Also, I chose this image because i has history, texture, movement and color.
The Thirty Years’ War was in 1618 until 1648, the war involved some of the major powers of Europe, with Sweden, France, Spain and Austria. The defense took place in Germany. You can see the texture within the trees, and the movement with the people.
Spain was in a war with Morocco because the Spanish troops did several attacks in Ceuta. The Spanish had the victory, the war had lasted one year.Eduardo Cano is in a historical painting in Spain and that's his family welcoming him home because he is considered a hero. I believe in this one, there is movement with the characters and not too much colors in this one but again, it's history and love.
There is a lot of horse in this one, it's a old scene from the Civil War create by William B. T. Trego. He usually makes and is known for doing Civil War Scenes. I like this painting because it has nice colors to it, the texture on the grass, the movements with the grass and horses. Also, the backround trees look nice as well, this painting can be under nature as well.
This is the major naval battle of the Russian Battleship and the Japanese Battleship War fought in 1904. The Russian had six of their battle ships destroyed. At 6:00pm, the Japanese attack their Flag area because thats were the command staff was at and after that destroyed the ship. I chose this one because it's different, it remind me of a comic book almost. It has nice movement with the water going different directions, same as well with the gun smoke up in the air. This one also has a pattern with the water, basically drawing the same lines over to give that feel of it moving.
This picture is done by an official war artists created by Ivor Hele. According to people, he would create distrubing images of the Korean War. I think it's crazy to think that the present time now has soldiers with go-pros, so in this case, I wonder if War artists still put their life in danger when they don't need to be exposed since there are cameras on them now. This drawing contains the history of what the war artists seen, movement with the people.
There wasn't information on this picture and took me a while to research this picture. This is from a movie called War and Peace but this picture you see looks HD compared to the one I seen on the website because the older one looks really light and pale. This one has more color to it and really simple with the colors, and contrast goes well in this picture.
Here is a poster from when the World War I was happening and during that time, they were not sure to put up the posters but ended up doing so. The posters got positive feedback and motivated the American public to support the war. This drawing has a pattern with the wall near the fire as well with the brick pattern walls and movement with the fire. As well this shows love and history as they look at the picture.
This picture is a little different from others because it has no colors but took time in the civil war. This is a death area of McPhersons in which was kill by the confederate troops. Kara Walker is an African American artist, depicts a runaway slave wincing in horror at his severed foot, which has been cut off as punishment, and the site has a cutout of her and other remains from the war like a cannon, wagons and the skeletons of horses.
This is a poster and has the daughter asking her dad a question. It seems as if he's remembering the time he served in the Great War or maybe he doesn't want to say that he killed people. I don't know about others but I never ask anyone what did they do during the war for that reason being. This poster is nice because it has a couple things going on as well with the patterns with the couch, colors are good and fit well and movement with each character. Also, this shows love and history.
Credits: All media
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