Art Elements

Line- A lot of art uses line and this uses it well. There are different thicknesses in the lines and there are many lines.
Shape- Since shape is for a 2D area, this picture works. It uses organic shape because a lot of the lines curve to make it make more like nature.
Form- Any sculpture will work for form because all sculptures are 3D and you walk around them.
Value- I chose this picture because it is black and white which uses value because it really shows the lightness and darkness of a color.
Space- This shows negative space in the background behind the horse because there is no object there: there is space around it.
Texture- This painting shows texture because if you zoom in you can really see how texture was used. This painting has real and implied texture. Real because if you were to rub your hand across it, it would feel bumpy. Implied because if you just looked at it, you would think the underbrush is soft but pointy
Color- This shows color because it has color in it. I picked this picture because it was nice and had a lot of different colors in it.
Credits: All media
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