a walk in the park

The paintings in this collection are reminiscent of being on a walk in a park. They are light and airy, colorful and bright. They depict the beauty of nature and landscapes through use of vibrant color and the appearance of texture. The paintings are beautiful and calming, allowing the viewer to relax and appreciate the great outdoors. This collection was curated by Hope Burns.                                              

This painting depicts the reflection of a town in a lake surrounded by foliage. It is something one could see in a park in a city center; there is a mixture of both nature and man-made elements.
A lovely green forest is depicted here on a cloudy day. It is an image that reminds me of dream back yard, wide and empty apart from tall trees, with plenty of space to run around or have a picnic.
This image of the same field in springtime captures the essence of a walk in the park. It is green and bright and even features people enjoying the nature and the day.
I chose this painting because it reminds me of a national park I visited in Maine. With its cliffs and bright colors, this image captures the essence of my collection.
This charming scene of cows in a field reminds me of the simplicity of the countryside and the purity of the nature that is found there. This painting captures vivid greens and a beautiful sky.
With its calming blues and greens, this image reminds me of the part of a park that would be the "stop and take pictures here" area. It is picturesque and a beautiful example of nature.
This image directly correlates with the theme of this collection. It shows a woman and child walking through a field of poppies, enjoying the day. Its reds and greens give the painting life and joy.
The muted greens and blue-grays in this painting create a feeling or tranquility that is often found in parks. The image is of people following a tree-lined path by a lake full of sailboats.
This painting is actually of a park! It's dark, vivid greens and contrastingly bright sky create a tranquil image of a shady park in summertime.
Although this painting has a different color scheme than the others, I think the vivid reds and oranges of this one offer a similar feeling. This lakeside in fall is calming and reminiscent of a park.
Credits: All media
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