They know just enough to live, but not enough to be corrupted

        In this gallery, each picture contains different things like nature, animals, humans, or characters that one would deem as innocent. In each piece, things such as the setting or type of background behind the focal point of the image leads the viewer to infer how the setting reveals clues about how innocence is shown. In each of these pieces, the overall setting or any event going on in the image, shows, or influences, how the focal points of the images are innocent. Each of the images were chosen because the focal points show recognizable purity or innocence in one way or another. In the following captions, the innocence of each piece is explained.

The little boy is only a child and, therefore, he has little knowledge about the world. He stays hiding in the dark corner of the apartment. He knows no other way than the safety of this safe haven while the world is an unpredictable place. He is ensured safety in this corner,his stable home, in which he thinks is safe. He knows little, but he is still cautious. He has heard his parents whisper about the corruption in this world, and the idea of corruption scares him deeply. For this reason, he stays hidden away in the world of purity he has created for himself while the others pass and go everyday.
Water lilies are pure things. They grow, and then they spend their lives floating on water because they know no other way. They know that the water will carry them through the whole journey and keep them safe.They feel as though the water ensures their safety. They are dependent on the water, just as an innocent infant is dependent on it's parents. They know only one way of life, as the way it should be, and not one of danger or corruption.
The people in this image are surrounded by this transparent wall. Others can see in, but they can't see out. It is like one-way glass. The people inside go on living their daily lives, and they go about their ways as one happy, united family. They have what they need: nourishment for life, provided by the fruit tree, and the joy of one another. The glass wall protects them from the evil forces that are penetrating it, and this evil is looking for yet another beautiful, pure thing to corrupt.
The flowers and grass grow freely. They take what they need, water and nourishment from the soil, and just grow the way their instructions are embedded in the nucleus. No outside force can change these instructions. Maybe one can impair them and prevent the plant from reaching its full potential, but never will it be corrupted. The plants stay strong and blow freely in the wind. If the plant dies, it dies purely, but it will not have been corrupted before death.
The odd, happy children dance merrily. They are in this little, strange, but happy world called Wonderland. They are always so happy, and they all possess the same virtues and items. There is no money, and everyone shares in life. There are no secrets, but there is constant celebration of life. This world in which they live, is separated from the one of corruption, jealousy, and evil. They have no idea that such things exist, and they just dance happily in the only world they know.
This green fantasy is one of purity. Green is a rather positive color, associated with nature, which is pure, and the green of traffic lights for "GO", which is encouraging. The little girl is accompanied by a unicorn, cat, and a tree. All of them live in harmony since they all benefit from the company of one another. They live in an everlasting fantasy of positiveness and specified ways that won't change without the influence of an outside force.
There are many animals, and they have no idea that the great flood, one of corruption, is coming. The flood would destroy life and put an end to some of the purest of animals. The animals are just all gathered and rounded up to board Noah's Ark. The animals have done nothing wrong, but if they stay, they will be destroyed, or corrupted. They are innocent, and by entering the Ark, their innocence will be preserved. The humans, like Noah, have this oath to protect this innocent variety of God's creatures. The animals do not have the advantage of knowing all the humans know. They know just enough to live. This disadvantage of knowledge they have contributes to their innocence.
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