The type of lines that represent this picture is texture. It looks like it has a rough and woody texture. The colors that it uses are dry and plain.
The lines on this vase are horizontal and vertical. the design on the vase has a lot of line that go in a certain way every time in a pattern.
The type of lines in this picture are thick lines. You can see that the lines there are thick and they are just mixed together. The lines here are also dark.
The type of lines in this painting are thick and concentration at the same time. The painting looks like a cartoon and to make a well drawn cartoon, your lines have to be thick and concentration.
For this picture, the lines here are thin. The picture here looks like number four. The way the lines are drawn, it makes the painting look more better.
In this drawing, I would say it is texture. The texture on the painting makes it stand out more.
In this Picture, they are just thin lines. The lines are together and it makes the lines look thick when they are really thin.
In this picture, The line have texture. The lines make the picture of the flower here look like a soft flower. The lines that are thin and drawn together make it look soft and creative.
For this painting, The lines here are horizontal. The horizontal lines here make the painting look really cool. When they add the color, It makes the painting look a lot more creative and neat.
For this drawing, The type of lines are thick. The lines are also colored in many types of colors and since they are thick, it makes it look like ti-di.
For this drawing, The lines are similar to the other painting. The lines here are thick and in dark colors. When the lines are thick and dark, The painting is expressed more and stands out.
For this drawing, the artist used thin lines or thin material to make this work of art. The material that he used is thin and he made it work into a articraft.
In this Picture, The lines are vertical. It looks like the artist just grabbed paint and threw on the canvas. After it was thrown, the paint dripped and Made lines.
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