EDUC 4615

I found this picture interesting because of how they changed the guitar. Originally, my idea was to draw a guitar but my ideas eventually changed.
Once again, I was going to focus my art on he guitar. I figured this was interesting because it shows a part of a more traditional guitar.
I liked this piece because it reminds me of some songs. A song that seems simple and you can easily add more music to it, I like to call a skeleton song. Hence the skeleton playing the guitar.
I I thought this work was different because it is not showing a actual guitar but rather the elements of a guitar. Similar to a non-objective in my opinion.
This is just another take on what can be done while drawing a guitar. Making the body and structure in a more elaborated way.
Although this has nothing to do with a blimp, I did really like the clouds in this picture, along with the water.
This picture made me think of the first Led Zeppelin album which is just a black and white drawing (my realistic picture).
This too does not have anything to do with a blimp, however, it is a large object that carries items that is modern day technology. For some reason I compare it similar to a blimp. I also really like the grey colour.
I really liked this picture. Its interesting that they used 3 black and white photos of individuals throwing paper planes. The final picture on the bottom shows all the paper planes that were thrown in color. I have not seem a technique like this before.
As I found it difficult to find blimp pictures, I started looking towards war pieces, since they were used in world war I. This piece jumped at me because of the darkness and the grey. I found it very descriptive for the feeling I wanted to go for for one of my pieces.
I took parts of this painting and wanted to include it in my own. The different strokes and light colors, I thought would be interesting to include in my own.
As my idea was a blimp, I thought it would be smart to look at different skies. I thought this one was creative because it has multiple layers of shades. Not just a simple grey but blends different versions.
I really enjoyed the colors in this painting. I found the flames and ***** to be an amazing aspect to this piece. The shading is also very astonishing.
Once again, I really liked the fire in the back ground of this painting. I also liked how the colors kind of bleed into one another.
This final picture I added because of the feel. It was a dark and grey color, which is one that I used for on e of my own pieces.
Credits: All media
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