Landscapes of America

This collection features paintings from the 1800's up until the early 1900's of America's landscape. 

This painting is titled “A view of Cincinnati from Forest Hills, Kentucky”, This painting was created in 1855 although its painter is unknown. The painting features a beautiful sunset over the lakeside with an excellent periwinkle sky and rich green trees with amber ascents that suggest the painting was painted in an autumn or near autumn season.
This painting is titled “Klappenbach Ranch Near Johnson City (Texas)”. This piece was painted in 1855 by Hermann Lungkwitz and depicts the country side of Texas, with patches of grass and burnt orange sand. The color distribution is particularly nice in this painting, with the hills being more orange and then fading into green towards the center.
This painting is titled “On the Cache La Poudre River, Colorado” and was painted in 1876 by Worthington Whittredge. This painting features a beautiful variety of greens and magnificent detail, almost photographic. The painting uses perspective well to guide your eyes down the river out into the fields and mountains beyond.
This painting is titled “Sunrise, Yosemite Valley” and was painted in 1870 by Albert Bierstadt. The painting features the pale yellow sunrise of a californian morning. The trees are particularly appealing in this piece; The vein like branches are my personal favorite along with the amber leaves of the trees appearing almost transparent from the intensity of the sun.
This painting is titled “Starrucca Viaduct, Pennsylvania” and was painted in 1865 by Jasper Francis Cropsey. This magnificent landscape is a photograph from a dream and features a wonderful lake, autumn leaves, and a train who’s smoke seems to grow from the train into a giant cloud enveloping the right side of the canvas.
This painting is titled “Boston Harbor” and was painted by Fitz Henry Lane in 1854. Depicted are several steam engine boats ad sail boats in the Boston harbor before it was the black color we see today. The magnificent sky is a peach color that is the embodiment of the evening and a wave of beautiful orange and cream colors blended magnificently. The artists use of white in the water does a particularly good job of giving detail to the late afternoon clouds.
This painting is titled “The View from Eagle Rock, New Jersey” and was painted by Sanford Robinson Gifford in 1862. This painting feels as giant as the landscape it depicts and is a masterpiece of effective scaling; The people, the forest, mountains, and river are portrayed in a way which fits hundreds of miles into a single canvas. The overcast sky blurs the next hundred miles of sight leaving the observer to wonder what could lay beyond.
This painting is titled “Owl’s Head, Penobscot Bay, Maine” and is the second in this collection from Fitz Henry Lane and was painted in 1862. This painting depicts the pink skies of the morning in Maine with a fisherman waiting for his first catch of the day on the placid lake. The sections of the lake not colored by the morning’s sunrise are almost silver.
This painting is tilted “Union Square, New York” and was painted by William Hahn in 1878. This painting shows the road way into the busy city with a horse and carriage as the central focus with lots of people and their dogs and horses with them. The objects depicted in this painting seems very soft almost the whole scene is slightly out of focus and the color also is not very bold; this painting’s subtly is relaxing and stylistically one of its best features.
This painting is titled “North Conway, New Hampshire” and was painted by Samuel Lancaster Gerry in 1852. In this painting we have farmers working with animals in the fields in the background with some stray cows and a sheep drinking from a stream in the foreground. This painting feels massive and the stream is almost as refreshing as it looks with its glassy appearance. The attention to detail from flora of this landscape to the vast fields beyond is astounding and seems to be straight from a New England dream.
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