Sweet Street - Eric richardson

This gallery is all about color and raw emotion.  What is seemingly out of place and poorly planned, seems to come across as raw emotional genius.

This work depicts a young lady seeming to hide from her surroundings. Exaggerated features and heavy shadows give the painting great depth and emotion. The thick, curved lines, that make up her clothing and lower body are a great representation of a firm stance in her fear. While the fine curves in her face and eyes show vulnerability.
This is a powerful piece that seems to come from tragedy. Burned surroundings married with a young girl and a kitten produce a powerful sense of irony. Several shapes are used to create lots on contrast, which further contributes to a chaotic visual representation of a peaceful moment.
This mural that is known as the Tale of the Parrots is depicted by extreme human activity. The use of Parrots in the name provide an animalistic quality to the actions of men. The physical placement of each person gives the impression that each person is in a different realm, living a different reality.
Here is another street mural in Buenos Aires. The use of a human in two different forms here is thought provoking. A human head enclosing a complete person could be a representation of piece of mind or a feeling of being content. The soft lines that hold the head around the person give it a very delicate jellyfish-like quality.
This Buenos Aries graffiti uses lots of natural lines to depict a true sense of solidarity in the clowns on the mural. Bold and pronounced facial expressions help each individual clown to stand out in the crowd. A vast use of varying curved lines create several different representations of feelings and emotions of each character.
This is a very elegant piece. Soft lines, elongated circular patters and bold colors create a serene yet certain aura in this street mural. The young lady depicted in given a sense of calming fierceness with large calming eyes, and a very tight mouth. Small precise give a definitely appearance to this painting.
An owl often represents wisdom. The contrast of the bird represented here, and the medium on which it's delivered combine to create a grand rawness. The us of curves and slight shadows on the wings give the appearance of movement. And the shapes used to create the tail feathers create a lighthearted, jovial feel.
Several different shades of blue and sharp lines used to create triangles create a expanse of water in which the street art can come to life. A great use of uneven shapes and location in the eyes of the fish are great for portraying what's truly going on here. With dark tones and small details, the bird comes as a stoic and exact figure.
Simple use of blue and white put the focus on the human figure in the back of the painting. This sets a very distinct focus on what the artist is looking to convey here. There is a very political or royal feel here. The waving and intersecting lines create a bit of anonymity in the piece.
The dark gray color here gives a solemn tone to this piece. However the artist does and exceptional job at experimenting with the lines here. Lots of curves seem to show a playfulness that may not otherwise be characteristic of a sloth. Curving lines give an appearance of speed to this sloth.
Credits: All media
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