Lauren Gabbert

Color Schemes

The background colors represent the monochromatic scheme, when one color is added to another to become the added color in the end. It is kind of like an ombre' technique. It uses a grey/tan, with black added. This creates a dark mood.
The sky, behind all of the buildings represent a complementary scheme. This is because the sky color fades from one color, to a completely different color. This one uses a orange, with blue added to it, until it is a pure blue. This creates a peaceful mood of a sunset.
This picture represents a triadic scheme, because it uses to colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. Blue and yellow are evenly spaced on the color wheel because they are the 2 out of 3 primary colors on a color wheel. This picture creates a mood of seriousness.
This picture represents the warm color scheme, because it uses yellows, reds, and oranges. Those colors are considered warm colors. The mood the colors create create a mood of coziness.
This picture represents cool colors, because it uses different shades of blue. Blue is considered a cool color. This creates a mood of chilliness.
This picture represents a analogous scheme, because it uses three colors that are in a row, black, brown, and tan, of each other on the extended color wheel. This creates a mood of blandness.
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