Expressions of Love

This is a collection of pieces display love in one way or another. The collection focuses on the subjects expressions body language and even the personification of love. The mediums include paintings, sculptures, and architecture.  

Hope nourishes love by Jean Jaques Cafferi depicts being nursed by hope. Hope stands with an anchor that represents strength. This depiction of hope feeding love brings to life the connection these two share.
The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis by Jacques-Louis David is oozing with expressions of love. On the surface its a man who appears to be preparing for a journey and his love is visibly enamored with him.
A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros by William Adolphe Bouguereau is kind comical to me. Here we have a young girl sitting on a bench and is beinging attacked by Eros known associate of Aphrodite. This is a literal depiction of someone fighting love.
The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli is a work that shows the birth of Venus the goddess of love. She is the focal point in this piece with her paleness bringing your eyes directly to the center.
The Mars and Venus sculpture by Antonio Canova captures the expressions of love in both Mars and Venus. The priceless gaze they share, gives us a glimpse of the love they have for each other. Venus stands almost draped across Mars as he turns embraces her.
The piece Carnival Evening By Henri- Julien Felix has love illuminated and walking hand in hand. The use of light in this piece brings love front and center. The artists color choice pops out vibrantly.
This portrait of Marie Antionette and her children by Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun was chosen on the basis of the love of a child. To the left of Marie Antionette stands her daughter, whose gaze is the epitome of the admiration we share for our parents.
The piece Venus and Mercury by Poussin Nicolas shows Eros and Anteros fighting on the ground, at the feet of Venus and Mercury. Eros and Anteros are representations of our spiritual love and our sexual love. I appreciate how the artist shows our spiritual love(Eros) conquering our sexual love (Anteros).
The Taj Mahal is a Mausoleum commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The choice of marble causes this monument to shine. No expense was spared in the construction. The use of marble and precious stones is truly a testament to his love for Mumtaz. The beauty of this building has stood through time and remains a symbol of love.
Echo and Narcissus By William Waterhouse shows two would be lovers. Echo is clearly infatuated with Narcissus. Narcissus however, is in love with himself. This painting shows Narcissus staring at his reflection in a fountain, ignoring the affections of Echo.
Credits: All media
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