religious art

Religious art during this time gave us an idea of what they believed in and their views on things. I think even though most are based on the same thing it is interesting on how different they can be as well.

This painting shows Christ being crucified, and the pain in the faces of those around.
As christ is being crowned, the ones crowning him have a mocking look on their faces.
The ones around Christ have sad looks on their faces and give emotion to the painting.
Death is everywhere in this painting. It shows us that death is always around the corner.
The lamb at the bottom right represents Jesus Christ, that is being watched by Saint John.
Jesus is in front of a crowd, you can see the emotions of the crowd.
This has 3 panels, the holy trinity, and it has a lot of detail in the background.
There are three panels, the holy trinity, and it shows three types of people.
The virgin Mary is feeding Jesus while Saint Luke is painting.
WHen Jesus rose from the dead the three Marys were there and saw it according to the bible.
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