New century colors

This gallery of art work focuses the idea of the Pop Art Style of artwork and using bright and vibrant colors to often convey political or emotional messages to the public. Created by: Dalton Kaufmann

I chose this piece of art because it demonstrates a woman in emotional distress surround by what I interpret as the colors of the world that won't stop moving just because you do.
What I liked about this image is the bright blue colors throughout and the concerned look of the persons face
This is a good example of modern Pop Art the way that is uses the bright colors and external objects as part of the face and it was created on a wall outside.
Although this is a not necessarily a modern version of Pop Art I decided to use this image to really capture the essence of what this style is like with the repeated images and vibrant colors
This collage of images is a good example of Pop Art in the sense of repeated images and the colors of the woman's outfit. I think that this could be interpreted in many different ways.
This piece of art depicting Marilyn Monroe utilizes the idea of bright and captivating colors and leading lines so everything almost seems to blend together.
This abstract take on what seems to be high school portraits captures the vulnerability and learning stages that is in essence adolescence.
This piece of street art utilizes the practice of using bright colors and curving lines to help define a generation of music.
This piece demonstrates all of the "noise" if you will that we as humans take in on a daily basis and we can't really handle all of it.
This last image created by Obey goes back to the original roots in Pop Art but putting a modern twist using Barack Obama. This represents the political fight that essentially separated an entire culture
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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