Endless Views

This gallery showcases a few different landscapes from several different areas all created at various times. They also vary in which medium was used to create these works.

This landscape shows the landscape of what looks to be a very dry, deserted, even run down area. The background of the landscape shows abundant mountains that look to be full and thick, unlike the trees in the front of the work. 
This landscape is a completely different outlook of a landscape compared to the first image. This piece shows the wild, uncertain waves of the ocean breaking off of the rocky edge of the ocean. 
This landscape stuck out to me because it is more of an abstract piece. Although you can tell what it is, it is less representational than the others. The viewer is able to create more of their own visions while viewing this piece. 
This landscape shows yet another type of view that we may have seen before. This piece shows the calm, meadow or country landscape. 
This landscape piece stuck out to me because of the color scheme and the fact that it is a photograph. It looks like it would be a very deserted place, but it is in fact Mexico, where many of us may have or could visit someday. 
This landscape shows what is a favorite of many, the sunset. It shows a beach like area with a boat under the peaceful sunset. 
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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