One point perspective

These are 10 examples of one point perspective in art.

Foreground: end of the bed, chair against left wall Middle ground: middle of the bed, paintings on left wall Background: top of the bed, nightstand, window, coat rack, paintings on back wall, towel
Foreground: Start of fences Middle ground: people, white spots on ground, some buildings on the right Background: Church, buildings
Foreground: Beginning of fences Middle ground: middle of fences, people, buildings to the right Background: windmill, end of fences, other buildings
Foreground: First tree, some grasses to the left Middle ground: person, more trees, ocean Background: end of trees, building, beach across the ocean
Foreground: flowers Middle ground: field, the trees Background: buildings
Foreground: water Middle ground: hill Background: trees, fence
Foreground: cart, fence, people to the right Middle ground: People in the middle Background: people in the far back, windmill, arch, red cart, flags
Foreground: person, fence Middle ground: trees Background: house
Foreground: bush, two children, pole, woman with red umbrella sitting Middle ground: people standing at the water's edge, trees Background: farthest people, building
Foreground: road Middle ground: tree Foreground: tan poles(?), buildings, hill in the distance
Credits: All media
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