Surreal art

This exhibit shows various artists and their works of surreal art.                                                                           Exhibit by Noel Perez                          

This beautiful piece by Salvador Dali shows how detailed surreal art can be. I love the dark shades of color and the eerie feeling i get from this painting.
This work by Wolfgang Lettl does not lack in the weird category. This work demonstrates the almost irrational side of surrealism.
This surreal painting is vibrant in colors, and uses some cool techniques to make this piece of work cool and mysterious.
Another painting that I enjoy because of the way artist uses techniques to make the work of art cool, dark, and mysterious.
An oddly beautiful depiction of Adam and Eve by Salvador Dali. Simplistic, yet complex, this painting shows many techniques that Salvador Dali has used in many of his other paintings.
This painting also uses techniques like the ones in Dali's Adam and Eve painting. Something about this painting just makes it an interesting piece.
This surreal painting probably depicts a war stricken landscape. The dark colors with the sunrise make this piece something to appreciate.
Did anyone mention how crazy surreal art can get? This piece uses bright and dark colors, making the weird object extending from the castle stick out. Whatever it is, its cool!
I like this work because of its similarity to Dali's works of art.The texture is very detailed, and different elements in this painting make it very creepy.
Surreal art can sometimes depict the unconscious mind and how weird it can be. I feel that this painting uses the concepts of fear and the mind to make it one heck of a scary piece.
Credits: All media
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