The Beauty of Black 

This gallery holds sculptures and painting of people of color in their time of approaching freedom and overcoming struggle. 

In this sculpture by John Quincy Adams, A man sits freely on an old stump of tree with broken shackles around his wrist. The posture of the man is that of someone struggling to stand. The color of the sculpture is a smooth jet with a golden undertone.
These Sculptures by Balthasar Permoser, depict a traditional nude African couple adorned with jewelry. The dark color of the sculptures helps define the hidden shapes of the once the light hits.
The African Venus is one of the many adaptions of the goddess. The bust leans slightly with a face of pride, her hair is coiled and pushed back, the cloth she wears leaves little to the imagination and drops low.
This late 19th-century wooden carving depicts that of a mother kneeling with her young child. Much like traditional African statues she is nude and symbols adorn her face.
In this painting created by Rosalba Carriera, the focal point is on the young African woman who holds a handful of snakes. White and red pearls dangle from her neck and slight smile graces her dusty pink lips.
In this sketch painting by Edward Burra, It depicts life in the 1930's at an African-American club. The people in images are slightly exaggerated which helps the colorful blooming background.
In this late 18th century painting, Thomas Waterman Wood captures the image of a lazy Sunday morning between a Grandmother and her grandchild. The painter draws attention to the woman in the chair, her head is down and hands together.
In this painting created by Artist Francis BlackWell Mayer, A woman stands on a dirt road with flowers clutched in her hands. Her tilted slightly to the side, adorned with a head scarf; that wrapped tightly around her hair.
Betsy Graves Reyneau captures the remarkable Mary Bethune in this portrait, she stands in a room with a globe placed in front of her person sits an old fashion globe. She holds a cane and smiles throughout the hold ordeal.
Credits: All media
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