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the starry night- post impressionism, expressionism
look at the brushstrokes
Flemish Mannerism "...let us build a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven..."
building the Tower of Babel
A mother crying over the murder of her child
take a look at the tears, the glitter, and the black dots
impressionism and post impressionism
take a look at the paint strokes
iconic painting by Botticelli
take a look at the line stretching trough the canvas
Northern Renaissance style- look at the details on the table, and the anamorphic perspective of the skull
take a look at all the details- books, globes
part of a series showing the seasons or times of the year- look at the children playing in the background
Romanticism- in the center we see John the Baptist, baptizing people in Jordan and pointing at Jesus walking downhill
in the Renaissance- Venus is captured as a real woman
pointillism- learn about color theory
learn about color theory
symbolism- grasping the essence of the city rather than documenting the actual appearance of it
look at the bathers in the water
nice picture חכחככעכגע
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