All pieces of artwork saved to this gallery relate to a passage from the story in the novel 'THE ALCHEMIST'. 

This piece of artwork links to the first passage as it shows the relationship between the main character (Santiago) and his sheep. As well, this picture is a perfect representation of what the sheep taught Santiago as it shows us how the sheep have forgotten to rely on their own instincts as their shepherd always leads them to nourishment. All they are concerned about is food and water. And this is an important part of the story as it made Santiago very insightful.
This piece of artwork links to the second passage as it symbolizes an important part of the book. When the crystal merchant mentions to Santiago that he would've fed him whether or not he cleaned the glasses, it gives Santiago some knowledge about the beliefs of people who follow Islam and believe in living life by the Koran. These concepts help benefit him throughout his journey.
This piece of artwork (which is an oasis) links to the third passage as it speaks about omens in the story. Omens were a very important part of the story as if Santiago didn’t recognize the omens and follow them, he would’ve made different choices throughout his journey to seeking out his Personal Legend. This could’ve potentially lead him to take a harder route to finding his treasure.
This piece of artwork links to the fourth passage as it is a clear example of how the omens benefited Santiago. He told the tribal chieftains of the vision he had of the hawks sent to him by God. And because this hinted at a potential war at the oasis, the tribal chieftans were able to prepare ahead of time.
This last piece of artwork is very significant as it represents the Sycamore tree in Spain where Santiago found his treasure after traveling through Egypt, pursuing his Personal Legend, and most importantly finding his true self.
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