Texture: an illusion efect

The texture used here, gives the perspective of a 3d. the figures. This type of illusion were very important by the romans. Also one can appreciate the shadows of each figurine that makes it more realistic
In this peace of art, one can appreciate the for on a woman. The details in are very impressive, and the texture make the more realistic, by showing the contrast of the sort of bed that she is laying down.
The illusion of a 3d perspective, by using again help of a rocky texture, shadows at the top and bottom of the figurine
The sense of light and shadow along with the texture of the rocks, make the illusion of watching the depth of the rocks. Also by using one point perspective one can see the men entering a cave.
In this picture, a combination of color and texture makes a highly detailed paint, perhaps the black background do not compensate very well the colors being used. However the texture of the flower give you the perspective of a true flower.
I chose this art, because my dad would painted something like this. the contrast between light and shadow, in combination with the texture of the clouds and one persecutive gives a stunting effect.
This is the type of painting that my father used to make. The texture of the leafs and the grass, can make one the illusion that this painting is made with real grass.
This is another portrait that my dad would have loved to paint. The vivid colors of the water, and the high density of the color of the sheep, makes the look real texture of skin
The texture of the armors of the soldiers, make us think that they are real. At first looks unreal, but when one see the the strokes in the armor in the soldier facing back. one is convinced
One can appreciate the vivid colors, and because of the density of the colors, one can appreciate the texture of the leafs, thanks to the detailed strokes.
tie contrast between light and shadow is perfect, the detail of the plants, table and tripod apear to be perfect. The texture of the mini roon appear to be real.
Excelent drawing. If one see the ship, one can feel touching the vale. The details sea, the strokes, make the texture of the drawings realistic.
The vividness of the colors in combination with the highly detailed strokes, makes a magnificent texture of the paint.
The texture of the hair of the bunny in combination with the colors, and the high detailed tiny mustache makes it convincing.
Thanks to the shadow one can appreciate on the robe, the texture of the object appears to be clothing of some sort and soft.
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