The Industrial Machine

In the 1920's to the 1920's the world was becoming industrious due to several world and local factors of which include and economic boom, the discovery of resources and the fact that it is in human nature to evolve and to seek out new opportunities.

This collection shows the industrious nature of civilisation and its relationship between and towards machines.

Most of these photographs were taken with the factor of documentation in mind. Thus the subject (the machinery or collection of machinery) is presented an taken with a human analog (usually a supervisor/worker) in the frame to have a size comparison.

Due to the fact that they are documentational/technical photos, they are shot a wider angle to fit all of the subject in, since the subject (machinery) can be quite large.

Most of the photographs are shot at a high aperture (high f-stop) to get a wide/large depth of field so that everything is in focus.

This photo gives a perspective of size by comparing a factory worker to a full sized gear wheel. This photograph was shot in the workplace.
Yet again is another photograph of a set of machined arts for a cone crusher. This photo was shot in a controlled /studio environment rather than on the work floor as it is evident by the background and floor. Perhaps it was possibly shot/displayed in a showroom.
The light streaming in from the semi-transparent roof causes the light to smear on the film/photograph. The subject is standing in the fabricated object, having a closer relationship with it, different from other photographs where the subject is standing to the side.
This photograph is a high angled wide show, showing the worker in a constructed apparatus. The light is natural as this is evident by the light leaking in through the windows, the effect on the film causes the over exposed areas to smear creating an interesting look. This is another photograph where the human subject is standing in the machinery.
This is another showcase photo, typically for a production company to use when selling off their wares and demonstrating their wares. The pseudo studio setup is evident by the hung backdrop.
This photograph yet again follows the similar documentational style, except the machinery is already assembled and in a functional state on the work floor.
This photo is similar to the others, but does not incude a human analog and only contains the same item. This photograph was thought about and composed with an 'artistic' purpose behind it, rather than technical like some of the other photographs. This is shot with an aperture of a moderate number (f5.6/8) as it is evident that the background items are not in perfect focus.
This photograph is more 'artistic' than the other photographs, as in time and effort was put into considering the composition of positioning of the human subject. Artificial light was most likely used to isolate the subject and the front of the machinery from the background areas.
This shot differs form the others, as in its the only one without any human subject. It is a low angle wide shot of a landscape/scene. The image was shot with a large f-stop number to get a large depth of field with natural lighting.
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