The movement of music

This gallery includes artistic pieces that depict musicians, dancers, and all other forms of music. The goal of the gallery is to show how music can move a person, by dancing or even creating emotion. Music is the universal language. I hope that my gallery is able to move you.

This is an image titled Seated Musician, created by Samir Rafi. This piece of art depicts a man playing some sort of guitar while in the seated position. Behind the musician, you can see a dog which is presumed to be his pet. This image shows that music can be played any time in a relaxing mood.
This image is titled Portrait of an Extraordinary Musical Dog. It was created by Phillip Ruinable in 1805. This piece brings a little bit of comedy into the music world. In what looks like a very formal setting with a classical piano and music sheet, sits a dog that obviously can't play the piano.
This is my personal favorite piece in my gallery. It is called Street Musicians by William Henry Johnson. It shows two African-American musicians playing what looks like a guitar and a drum. I love the colors used in this piece and how there is nothing in the background. All of the focus is on these two musicians.
Ballerinas. Figure Dance was created by Katya Medvedeva in 2004. The use of similar shades of the same colors creates an aesthetic visual appearance. It depicts two ballerinas with exaggerated limbs dancing to music.
The Musical Contest between Apollo and Marsyas is a piece created by Cornelius van Poelenburgh in 1630. It shows a solo violinist playing in the middle of what appears to be feud.
This piece is titled The Three Musicians and was created by Diego Velazquez around 1616. What it looks like to me is the composing of a new song. The two adults on the right appear to be trying to find the right note while the child on the left poses for the portrait.
Gypsy Dance in the Gardens of the Alcazar was created in 1851 by Alfred Dehodencq. It depicts what appears to be a young, beautiful girl dancing to a band. All of the crowds attention is on her which leads me to believe she is a special person.
The Music Lesson depicts exactly what the title says. All musicians start from day one and this portrait captures the beginning moments of a musician coming to life. Gerard term Borch created this piece in 1617-1618.
I love the vague colors used in this piece. It shows three musicians seated and playing their instruments. Study for Seated Musicians for El Jaleo was created in 1882 by John Singer Sargent.
This piece speaks very loudly about the universal language that music is. This image depicts a group of oriental women playing a large stringed instrument. One may not be from this culture, or know anything about it, yet can't help to imagine the beautiful music coming from that instrument.
Credits: All media
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