Emily Shafer

The simplicity of the image contrasts with the vibrance of the frame
It is the lack on contrast in the colors of this painting that make the viewer really focus on the expression and posture of the woman
The red-orange of the trees contrast both the dark blues of the sky and the bright white spot of a moon
The suble contrast of light and dark draw the viewers eyes to the the woman's back, and the fact that she is not facing the artist
The intense light on Churchill's face make his happiness the main effector of the mood of this photo
The repetition in pattern contrasts the variance in color
Rees uses red to make the house stick out from the landscape and emphasize the ruralness of the setting
This first painting of Van Gogh uses intense contrast via complementary colors
Here, in contrast to the last painting, Van Gogh again uses the complementary colors of blue/green and red/orange, but in a more subtle way than in the first. The viewer is drawn to the green eyes in the orange face
Contrasting primary colors make the viewer think about the simplicity of childhood
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