oil canvas

My theme is Oil Canvas. I chose this theme because I really like the look of the paintings that are done in this style. I like they way they don't look too realistic like photographs but you can tell what they are and can still be extremely detailed. I also like the pictures that are shown in each like the ocean, the girl and her dog, and the people selling melons. I like how the landscapes are very detailed without making the painting look like a photograph, and I like how the ones that aren't landscapes aren't as detailed. I especially like the background in the painting where the people are selling melons and how detailed it is. The form of these paintings, the oil canvas, is a very cool way to paint and the content of them (the ocean, the girl and her dog, the cows, the village) are also very cool and reminds me of the ocean and my dog, which is why I chose these paintings for my gallery,

Credits: All media
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