Study of Lines

10 different type of lines

In this picture, lines are thick and it has a color, white. The lines is complex and it isn't going to the same direction. Some lines are curve. One thick line is composed by thin and small lines
Basically, This picture is drawn by crossing hatching, but lighter part used just hatching.
This picture doesn't have curve lines. It used only straight lines and no hatching and no cross hatching. This picture used only line
The cross hatchings are used basically. The dark park and shading part used cross hatching and lighter part used hatching.
This picture used abstract lines and lines aren't going toward one direction. The cross hatching lines are used for shading and straight, curve, hatching lines are used for this picture and I think outlines are used in this picture as well
This picture used expressive lines because I think it represent artist's feeling or idea. It isn't one direction and used curvy lines.
This is the landscape which is drawn by lines. The lines are used for everything even leaves. The expressive lines are used for shading
Some part of this picture used hatching line and some part of this picture used cross hatching line. This picture used cross hatching for shading and hatching lines are used for edge.
There is a lot of sore of lines. Some lines are extremely curvy and some lines are little curvy. The lines are colored and I think it is expressive lines because it seems to be expressed the artist's felling
Only few lines exist in this picture. It is darker and thicker than other lines, so I think its are contour lines and It isn't straight line,but It is going toward only one direction.
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