I have always enjoyed a good landscape. It often helps take me away to places I may never see and gets me out of my sometime mundane world. I hope these will send you to your escape. Though each piece represents just about the same time period with the exception of the first, you can see the similarities in style for each artist.

Bellotto captured the light heart of the Italian Grand Canal. The water reflection and the airy fluffy clouds give the painting a relaxing feel of a leisurely day in Venice. The gentleman leaning in the door way, the lady on the balcony, the travelers waiting on a gondola are all symbols of the carefree nature of the painting.
I chose this piece because of the unique framing Constable did with the trees around the cathedral. I think the cows are a nice touch grazing and drinking
The three dimensional effect when I zoomed in on this painting is amazing. I could actually feel the distance between each pillar when I zoomed in. Amazing!!!
This work is impressive because the color in the setting sun is so natural, you can almost feel the suns heat leaving the area as it sinks past the trees. Beautiful
Bocklin use of symmetry in this painting is amazing. He projects melancholy feeling with the stillness of the water and the coffin like object in the boat. The woman dressed for the funeral, stoic, watching her loved one. The steps leading into the trees centered by darkness and mystery
Credits: All media
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