Color Scheme

This picture of Frida Kahlo shows colors from the triadic color scheme mainly because it uses blue ,red, and yellow. The color of her jacket is a red color which shows no mixture in the color wheel.
This is an example of analogous color because the picture shows a variety of blues that sit right next to each other on the color wheel. For example, in the picture it gives off a blue green color.
This picture is an example of complementary colors because it shows many sources of orange and blue. This make the statement true because they are opposite of each other in the color wheel.
This picture by Grace Smith shows an example of warm color. This shows warmth by the artist giving out reddish yellow colors to make the bedroom look warm
In this picture, Vincent van Gogh shows Cool color throughout the background image to show how the neighborhood is affected by the sky using colors such as Blueish colors.
This picture by James Wilson is using the color scheme of tertiary colors. This uses the color scheme of tertiary because it uses colors that are right next to eachother on the color wheel.
This picture called "Cubist Bird" by Sargent Claude Johnson is a clear example of primary color. This picture shows primary colors by using colors of the color wheel such as red,blue,and yellow
This painting by John Cozens is a good example of the Monochromatic color scheme. This is true because inside of the picture it uses sources of green that are either darkened/lightened by the hue.
This painting by Vincent van Gogh is an example of the secondary color scheme. This is true because throughout the flower, it gives colors such as orange, green, and somewhat purple.
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