Darkness of souls

Darkness has a lot of abstract qualities to it or it can be simple, yet what they all have in common is the deep dark whole the inspiration crawled out of. This gallery is used to discuss how this darkness is apparent and deep in these artworks. Some of these works are from the same artist because they're apart of series of paintings and I want to show the repetition of dark souls. 

1. Depicted here is a face within the thin fabric. At first it is unnoticeable to some the human face that is showing through the fabric or at least the outline of the human face through the fabric. One can tell that it is fabric in this photo because of creases and type of material. If someone has experienced different fabrics in their lifetime they could determine what it would feel like if they were able to touch it. Not only do the creases in the fabric suggest that it is such, but also the intimate lines on the fabric. Personally, I would reference their fabric as fabric that is used in many curtains. Because of all the creases in the fabric it makes it longer in time to know the facial features such as the eyes sunken in and the teeth of the human figure. Not only does the gray tones in the fabric and in the face mark a “darkness” but so does the face itself. Meaning, one can tell that the eyes are not actually within the face considering the fabric is sunken into the eye sockets. To myself, this means that it is just a skull of a human being and not a live human being. Skulls are usually associated with the darkness or dead things which are dark thoughts.
2. This is the temptation of saint Anthony. Saint Anthony is apart of a religious motif of Catholic religion. Overall this painting is depicting temptation. Temptation in many religions is associated with an evil or something bad. Even in this arts description it uses the words “eerie” and “dark space”; and anyone can see exactly why they’re saying those words. The clouds are hovering over in way that would make you think that it is storming. Within the rest of the painting there is Saint Anthony being bombarded by evil spirits. Although and most obviously there is a giant head of a man in the middle of the scene. The creatures that are coming out of the head is “evil thoughts” that appear in solid people, creatures and objects. Darkness that runs in this painting is the thoughts Saint Anthony is currently experiencing or maybe always experiencing. And these thoughts are nothing less of terrifying and dissatisfactory.
3. Uniquely, Seong Ryong Kim’s painting, Hug, is showing the relationship of a man and a woman where they’re molding into each other representing their close connection to one another. More in the man than in the women you can tell their tension in their passion towards each other. Using red to show their blood and some creases in their skin to identify a realistic part of this painting. Coming from a critic on this particular painting, he suggests this painter is, “…everyday life seems to be full of humiliation for him… The man motif of his work comes from the will to restore individual’s life and longing for auspicious energy through sympathizing the scars and mythicizing lost times.” Taking from the critics remarks, I would categorize this painting into the darkness of souls gallery. This idea obvious sprung from a deeper place other than just pure thought, but with emotions and ones that are not pleasant to everyday life.
4. The next painting in my gallery is painted by the same artist and is nothing short of the same darkness as the last. By selecting this other painting I wanted to convey where this artist pure emotions were heading. This is the American Solider in Iraq, yet it is not the typical looking man nor is it close to the typical looking man. It is more dinosaurs like and robotic in a way. One notices the muscles and the nerves but one also notices the weaponry that is this things hand/arm and chest. Taking away all of those things the most realistic part of this painting is the headgear in which you would normally see a solider wearing. Quietly in the background you see dead persons of war. I would say that the dinosaur represents the violent nature a soldier must posses in war. Normally after war, many soldier would serve have to live with their tragic encounters and it leads to a darkness within them. Their souls have literally seen some of the darkest moments of reality.
5. Just to solidify this particular artists “darkness of soul” I chose this painting, Married Couple. Here, in the majority of the painting is a woman standing naked holding flowers in one hand and in the other hand, what could be assumed as the husbands head. The head in which we will say is her husband is bleeding and detached from the rest of the body where you do not see in the rest of the painting. Overall one could say that the woman has a lot of power over everyone including her husband. Looking more closely you see mean in the struggle of s storm in the middle of the ocean. The artist shines the head in the lightness of the painting where you can also see the rest of the men caught in the storm being highlighted. Then the woman is in darkness yet colors in light whites and grays in order to see her shine through the darkness. Flowers in this painting you could also say represent the fragility of the women, yet because of the bleeding head in her hands she is nothing less of innocent. To detach a head from a body takes a lot of planning and a hatred for that person in which you are beheading.
6. Broken love is a perfect way to put this painting by Abdur Rehman Chughtai called, The extinguished Flame. Here is a women leaning over a piece of furniture weeping because of the fact that she is still waiting for her lover to appear although the love has “died”. To say that the loved has died is taken from the candle that is no longer in flame. Some say that love is like a lit candle flame; love is lit, love is fire, love burns like fire. Any one person will agree that when you love someone with all your heart and they break it, it leaves you empty and negative with essentially a “dark” mindset.
7. For this next painting in my gallery called One More Tear II. By Albin Brunovsky, I chose it based on its title and the abstract way in which it is depicted. Looking at this painting there is a sense of chaos and complexity to it. First one notices the face or faces within the circle. Next, at first glance you could also say it is a bunch of nature surrounded their faces, but to add my own opinion into the mix, I would say that it isn’t really nature, but different textures for no real reason besides to ass chaos to the painting. By looking beyond the circle of chaos take a look at the background and it’s simplicity. Coming from the bottom to the top it goes from a smooth texture to something that could resemble clouds. Creating this smooth to cloud like texture I would assume this circle is the moon in the night sky reflecting the different things on earth. Maybe the circle is possessing that in which is destroying our planet. But, by solely going from the title and no other description besides the one I myself have come up with, I would say the “darkness” represented here is shedding the last tear because the sadness has just become too much.
8. The next two paintings are by Sidney Nolan, which are both titled, Untitled. These paintings are a part of a bunch of other paintings representing his muses. Nolan does this by challenging social conventions and painting disembodied figures and in a “childlike” form. Here the persons in the painting are naked as they are in every other painting that he does. Particularly in this painting a man is about to or is stabbing a woman with a nail or some kind of needle. While this is taking place there is a man watching from below, who may or may not be in hiding. Beside the colors to show different persons or places within the painting there is not much else here to notice. The darkness is simplistic in this way. Normally, any picture involving murder, just as the painting earlier with the woman holding her husbands head, leads to nothing good and leads to a dark emotion inside ones self.
9. As I had said, this painting is a part of all the other paintings by Sidney Nolan. If there is one thing to know about berries in general, it is that some berries are not to be eaten. Here is an arm holding onto red berries of some kind that may or may not be poison. This arm is leaning into the picture of a man who is sleeping and suggests that the arm is trying to poison this man. Again, here is a murder attempt just as the last painting was and the rest of this collection does.
10. Not much here. And just as the one painting discussed earlier the title says a lot about it, although this painting compared to the other one is a lot more obvious to a regular viewer. Here is a named man holding himself up between two walls where if he let go and was to fall he would be falling into a black hole to which no on knows were it would lead. This painting is called Struggle by Bogdan Krasnlewski. A darkness within a soul is a type of struggling in which a lot of us humans understand at some point in our lives.
Credits: All media
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