Roman religion

The Roman religion was centered on gods, deities, and sacrifices to these immortals.Romans worshipped multiples gods, originated from the Greeks. They had priests in their temples and made sacrifices. They also often created statues of what they believed their gods to look like, which were kept in the homes of wealthy families.

The sacrificial altar was created in Rome in the 1st Century AD and represented the structure on which sacrifices were made to the Gods and were the monuments that were built for different Religous events.
This silver statuette depicts Jupiter, a major Roman god. The arms are missing from elbow-down, but scholars can figure out what the hands were doing from copies made of the original statue. The left hand held a scepter, and the right hand held a thunderbolt. This statuette can be found nowadays in the J. Paul Getty Museum.
This portrait, or a bust, depicts a man who can be interpreted to be a priest from Rome. This bust was found in Egypt. It can be currently found in the J. Paul Getty Museum.
These altar mounts could be located throughout the Roman Empire. Are made out of stone, and are shaped in different forms. Some depict a cornucopia, other a bucrania, and others a lituus. they would be attached to an altar of pedestal. They have different religious meanings as well. The lituus, for example, resembles the “ritual space” in the sky. The cornucopia shows abundance. These symbols also can be found within the regular life of the Roman people.
Lares in the Roman Empire were deities that watched over Roman houses. They were worshipped inside the family home as the “center of the family cult”. He is given a sacrifice once a day. These spirits are very important to Roman culture, since they are at the core of each family within the empire, and were a common figure that could be found throughout the Roman nation.
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