One Point Perspective

By: Jimmy Paris

Foreground- Columns Middle Ground- Flooring and stairs Background- Far hallway and sky with trees
Foreground- Floors and columns Middle Ground- Middle Floors, and Arch Background- Farthest Arch and and hallway
Foreground- Front rooms, Close hallway, closest Arches Middle ground- Bridge, Floor under bridge, middle arches Background- Far arches,and back wall
Foreground- Front wall with windows and first arch Middle ground-Wall right behind Arch Background- Far away what appears to me to be a bridge
Foreground- Front crossover bridge Middle ground- Land and short buildings Background- two tall buildings
Foreground- First half of house and close pavement Middle ground- second house and car across the street Background- Back houses and cars, houses on rights
Foreground- Front door, people and ground Middle ground- middle person, and walls and ground Background-Back walls and doors, person in back door
Foreground- Front people and store Middle ground- second and third store and people Background-All back buildings
Foreground- Front three arches, and closest people Middle ground- Hallways in Arches past the second cluster of people in the middle arch Background- Back wall and sides of arch
Foreground- Front bank and beginning of bridge Middle ground- Second and third brick support for bridge, bridge in between Background- third and fourth Brick support, bridge in between
Credits: All media
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