LandScapes In the Natural World

The theme of the Natural World is very important. Art that is able to portray the awe and beauty of our natural environment is beautiful. the representation of the world that we live in helps people have a better appreciation of their surroundings. Also, these works give us an awareness and appreciation of the power and generosity of our creator. The earth was created for man to sustain life, to tame, and to develop. This beautiful earth that we live on must be cared for and protected against the pollution of it. This earth was a gift we must take care of it. In this gallery I want to show the beauty of the natural world and show what happens when humans become careless and how industrialization can hurt our planet. 

This piece I chose because I wanted to show a simple example of a landscape and start the viewer off with a basic example
I added this piece to show the natural world in another element the ocean. The ocean takes up the majority of our world and is a place filled with life and source of sustainability for humans
I chose this piece because I want viewers to see a landscape portrayed by another culture and style
I added a video to show how a landscape like this could created
This piece shows a beautiful horizon that seems to stretch out far beyond our line of vision. This shows us the natural world in all its splendor untainted by the hand of man. It gives an appreaciation of his power generosity
I wanted this piece to show the start of industry and how man began to pollute the earth
This isn't a normal when you think of a natural landscape. However, this is the landscape that we have created. We have destroyed parts of our planet with over pollution. The decay and factory smoke and just the general dimness give the piece a sense of sadness
Credits: All media
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