Beautiful Landscapes

These are the top ten landscapes that appeal to me, and represent nature at it's finest.

Van Gogh's The Starry Night gives the most beautiful representation of a night scene. The swirls of the sky give the viewer the most magical feeling about the star filled sky.
This 16th century Chinese painting shows so much in so little. I really love the cherry blossoms in this painting, which give it a spring time feeling.
I love this painting because it is so simple yet so beautiful. Cherry blossoms are my favorite tree and there is so much color in this huge painting.
This painting is a mystical and suspenseful image of an avalanche. It has a lot of great colors and details.
this painting isn't of a specific landscape, yet of the trees that could appear in a variety of landscapes. I like the simplicity of it, and the basic two colors. Its very visually pleasing to the eye.
I like this painting a lot because It is very beautiful and holds a lot of emotion. It's almost giving off the image of a dizzying dream.
This is another one of van Gogh's pieces that I love. Giving an ocean view of sailboats in the waves.
This painting is very dream like, connecting to the title. I like the animals hidden throughout the painting.
I love this painting. It's really unique and different from the others, yet it still is a landscape feel. Very surreal work, with lots of color.
This painting has strong contrast. I like the soft feeling of the snow compared to the harsh dark colors of the people and sleigh.
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