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This gallery shows emphasis in color dynamic and contrast in paintings, photography and different works of art. I want to explore more than one just art form within the gallery. The colors span from different shades and blends and are diverse. The pieces may be influenced by even pop culture or less popular art forms. These part pieces are mainly made in different time periods and most of these paintings are mainly old. The majority of the artist who made these paintings are now diseased except Lee Quinones and Manit Sriwanichpoom. Their works are displayed in different historical museums.

This painting's titled "Birds and Flowers of Spring and Summer by an artist named Kano Eino. It can be found at the Suntory Museum of Art located in Tokyo, Japan. The piece depicts a traditional Japanese influenced style of painting that shows greenery, flowers and a tree as well as birds. The painting's said to have been made in the latter half of 17th century.
The painting "Blues Singer" is an original art piece by Palmer C. Hayden. It was made around the 1920s-1930s. It's an oil painting depicting the style in dress and people of that time period. The realism sort of lacks in the painting but not enough in a way that the viewer can't tell that the center of attention in the room is the piano player while everyone gravitates their attention towards him showing that musicianship was much respected and played a huge part in that time period.
This is a painting by Palmer C. Hayden from 1932-33. It is titled Fetiche et Fleurs and displays contents on a what looks like a wooden table. There's a vase with flowers, a mask that looks carved with designs, a patterned cloth as well as an ash tray with an unlit cigaret. The paintings depiction of still life gives the viewer a probable incite to the home life of some homes in the neighborhoods depicted in the paintings of Palmer C. Hayden. He uses bright colors but the overall tone of the painting indicates being inside a building.
This painting's titled Dark wood l. It's date is 1977 and it is made by Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Nikos who is a painting from Greece. The color choice is main'y shades of green depicting a shrub-like scene or forrest.
This is a piece of art made by Lee Quinones. Lee Quinones has been known to have been painting and doing graffiti from the Bronx since the 70's and this painting displays his tag name "LEE" as well as a cartoon representation of what resembles Donald Duck with a quote criticizing the art world on accepting Graffiti art as an art and not just what's it's usually summed up to be which usually has to with crime and vandalism.
This is an art piece titled Diorama 22: Galleon Trade Scene, ca. 1750. The Artist for the painting is not listed but it shows credit by the Ayala Museum Staff which includes historians, researchers, artists and artisans from Paete, Laguna in the Philippines. It is a layout or display of a port and it's trade scene depicting a Galleon ship as well as workers and their merchandise.
Beech Grove l, a 1902 oil painting, depicts a forrest with what looks like oak trees during the fall. the viewer can assume the season change being Autumn by the leaves and bared trees. the painting's by Gustav Klimt and the color choice seems minimal or simple despite the painting looking like it took a great deal of time to complete. It seems to be a painting that up close the trees and leaves can be easily perceived as fake looking but looking at the painting from a distance the detail's very noticeable.
This is photography art by Manit Sriwanichpoom originally from Thailand. He explains the pink man idea starting from his ideology of the world around him. The pink symbolizes his feeling of alienating from his environment. "Pink Man is my upset and alienated feeling towards the concept of consumerism which has been accepted simply and without consideration by Thai society. I feel that this system has enslaved us without our realization. Moreover, we are being forced to act in the same way : there is a move towards uniformity."
"Nightlife" a 1943 painting by Archibald John Motley, Jr is a vividly colorful painting depicting the nightlife filled with people dressed formally in what appears to be a bar and a club showing people in conversation as well as dancing. It depicts a historical period through way of dress and even in it's painting style that resembles art from the Harlem renaissance though Archibald John Motley's from New Orleans and did most of his work in Chicago so this painting's most likely a depiction of the Chicago scene.
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