Moriah Schuch

I chose this painting because it reminds me of my child hood. It reminds me of my child hood because my music teacher that I had from kindergarden to fifth grade had it in his classroom.
I like this art piece because I am interested in Greek writing.
I like this couch because it is very colorful and fun.
I like this pottery because it shows a lot of realistic action between wildlife.
I chose this painting because I simply found it very beautiful.
This is a picture of a dog in 1645 which clearly makes it interesting.
I liked this cup because it represents how people lived then.
I liked this piece because it can be many thing likes slugs, cloud, cherries, or maybe olives.
I like it because it reminded me of the Willamete river where I grew up.
I like this one because the writing is interesting.
I liked this painting because it shows how artists used to picture a sunset 50 years ago.
This picture was interesting because it shows how a picture can last a lot of years.
This one was fun because it shows how creative people can be.
I liked this one because it was very old.
I liked these pictures because it shows how people could use pottery back in the1700's.
I thought this was very cool because it is such a small animal that was turned into a tobacco bag.
I liked it because it shows something we do today, (ice skating), back 100 years or so.
I honestly don't know why I iike this picture except for the fact that it is very pretty.
I like this because it' definitely shows heritage. It is also probably very old, and is still in good condition.
I like this picture because it shows a lot of action.
I like this picture because people could or couldn't know who he is.
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